Autofs mac os x mountain lion

NFS v4 Server

Due to changes in European legislation on value added tax, the application had to be re-released with modified pricing information. Support for bit processors was removed.

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This version adds full support for OS X Mavericks. In particular, the following new mount and automount options can be defined when using OS X If you are using two or more of our following system utilities, you should update them all in parallel in order to avoid mutual conflicts: NFS Manager, Sync Checker, TinkerTool System Release 2.

For detailed information, please see the chapter Release Notes in the reference manual. The application was redeveloped completely for Mac OS X All aspects of the application have changed. Overview Details What's new? Screenshots Download Purchase Manual Notes.

Howto automount network shares under OSX

Most recent items are listed first. What's new? Added a workaround for a defect of macOS Sierra which could cause the application to quit while integrating the privileged component. Added several temporary changes for future versions of macOS. Release 4. Added small modifications to user guidance necessary for full compatibility with macOS The distribution package supports new security features of macOS Gatekeeper. This version tries to avoid hangs during application startup in cases where the local DNS server returns outdated information about the set of addresses used by the local computer.

The buffer size and read-ahead parameters for NFS client communication now offer larger sizes, reflecting operating system development in the last years. Several images have been added to the documentation. Fixed a problem where the application always indicated an operating system issue after all NFS share entries have been removed. Added new feature to allow administrative users to authorize privileged operations via Touch ID. Added new feature to remove outdated versions of security components of previous generations of NFS Manager.

Added new technology to avoid a defect of macOS where the application lost keyboard focus when a password needed to be entered for a privileged operation if multi-tier privilege separation was in use.

Added new technology to avoid a defect of macOS where the user interface is no longer localized correctly when a password needs to be entered for a privileged operation if multi-tier privilege separation is used. Added new technology to avoid a design flaw of macOS where no appropriate application icon can be shown when a password needs to be entered for a privileged operation if multi-tier privilege separation is used.

Added new technology to avoid a defect of macOS where the layout of authentication panels was incorrect, leading to clipped messages in user dialogs to authorize privileged operations. Added new technology to avoid a defect of macOS where the operating system asks for permission to add a helper application when it actually removes a helper application.

Features to customize the authorization policy for privileged operations via the security database of the operating system had to be removed. Adds a new mount setting enforcing the use of Extended Attributes and named forks over NFSv4 which is necessary due to a change in the default policy of macOS Available for High Sierra only. Adds a new client setting to override the default domain name when mapping account identities from an NFSv4 server.

Fix the Finder Error

Added an assistance mode for product registration. Many small changes in the user interface.

Example Scenario

Added new option to prefer the numeric display of client addresses for NFS server user statistics. Added new controls for NFSv4 mount options to define the permitted encryption types for Kerberos sessions. Only available with macOS Sierra. Corrected an issue where the address column in NFS server user statistics could remain empty for clients where DNS reverse lookup failed.

Corrected a problem where exported CSV documentation files might not have reported the complete set of fields for automount entries and automounter options. Added a workaround for cases where lists of NFS shares presented by the user interface could remain empty for servers with multiple IP addresses due to poor API support of the operating system. Many small changes to the user interface. Most links to external information sources in the user interface and online help are now using encrypted HTTPS communication. Fixed a problem with the product activation feature for orders that used specific Asian characters with combining marks did not work as expected.

Added preference setting to enable automatic notification for software updates of the application. Added new registration features for licensing with immediate gratification and volume licensing. A modified version of the DNS confidence check can now be accessed via the configuration menu. The interface for the selection of mount points has been optimized for unexperienced users. The application was revised completely to use the latest Apple technologies. The user interface was carefully modernized, keeping the overall style of previous versions.

Release 3. Fixes a problem where loading NFS server configuration settings from an archived file could result in wrong port settings for the main nfsd server or for mount requests if a binary non-XML file format was used. Fixes a problem where removing all contents of a numeric option field in the user interface could result in partial failure of the currently running operation.

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Operation Not Permitted Mounting NFS Share on OS X Mountain Lion

Fixes a timing problem where applying changes to NFS shares could result in an incorrect warning message that the OS might not have accepted the change. The Kerberos realm, the principal and the service principal can be specified. The automounter can be configured to ensure that "set user ID" privileges should always be ignored, no matter what individual options or default settings regarding this feature have been established for NFS client connections. Added server setting for OS X I tried dragging mounted volumes into my "Login Items" but it just pops up an authentication error when I re-login.

I am able to mount SMB shares from the command-line, and they will also show up in Finder, once they're mounted, and Finder works just fine after that. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Asked 7 years, 11 months ago. Active 4 years, 6 months ago.

Viewed k times. Isn't it possible anymore to automatically connect to an SMB-shared drive during startup? Tamara Wijsman FRaccie FRaccie 4 4 silver badges 3 3 bronze badges. It works : However if you don't like having Finder popping up every time you login, you could use Automator instead: apple. You can hide the Finder by selecting the checkbox next to the login item. Checking the Hide checkbox next to the Login Items does not hide the Finder… I ended up using the Automator script suggested above and that works.

Tested on Yosemite But this way doesn't mount share after unmounting. TranslucentCloud 10 10 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. Brookesy Brookesy 3 3 silver badges 2 2 bronze badges. I find this a preferable solution over using Finder for two reasons: 1 it directly specifies the mounted share name and 2 takes fewer, easily automated, steps to add another share to the mix. For one or two share, Finder is barely acceptable and only with an additional step to persist the setup but for dozens of shares using Finder is tedious. OTOH, this solution is more 'unixy', a good thing. Is there a way to store passwords in system's keychain?

I don't like to store my passwords inside clear text files. Is there a way to specify default permissions for the mounted files?

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It doesn't show shares on the Network in the Finder. Add to your Login StartUp items. Lem 3 1 1 bronze badge. Works perfectly. And the only one works in OS X Mike W.