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I've noticed that there is this pop or click sound coming out of my headphones every minutes. It happens during playing the playback, itunes, youtube and it even happens if im playing no audio. Its quite annoying. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? MC's Website.

Did you try the latest driver 1. Yes I've installed the latest version 1. I've tried both headphones amp on the babyface same problem and my headphone is working fine on other computers.

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What to do? The CDSDaudiocapturesupport. This is an old problem of this driver file - which is not compatible with your Mac OS X version - and gives you this message everytime you install any audio related driver on your system. This has nothing to do with the RME driver.

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Please update Roxio Toast to the latest version or remove the kext file. Now since i dont use the Spin Doctor of Roxio Toast.

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I've deleted it. I've even installed brand new OS X again but still the kernal panic and the pop clicks are there. I've not had a single problem with it. No kernal panics nor pop and glitches. So for this time, I'll probably stick with Duet 2 Sounds like a digital clock.

The noise is either du to the Babyface itself or the USB network on my Mac because the speakers themselves are fine. I think my Babyface is busted.

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Somehow the left speaker permanently has this soft and regular clicking sound. The noise starts as soon as the card receive power from the usb port of my computer when I turn it on for example. Latest firmware doesn't help. It didn't occur to me that a mobile phone could affect the Babyface Definitely not my mobile phone. I wrote this while the Sierra installer application was downloading.

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Now you have labeled, permanent installer media that you can use forever or however long the cards last. If you ever need to roll back to an old version, reinstall the dot-zero from the card and then combo-update up to whatever version you want. You will then have an accurate ISO disk image that you can mount on your Mac, and thus see the Mac contents, or on your DOS or Windows machine, and see those contents.

Thank you, everyone who told me. Every time you told me my blog was down, you were also telling me that you missed it, or at least you needed it for something. Part of my job is reading the Radars you file about those two frameworks and making sure they go to the right people. I moved early in the year, not long after I had to change hosting providers after TextDrive breathed its last that was why the blog went down in the first place and shortly before I started at my job.

I also moved because I love San Francisco.

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  • Not a lot, but enough. And, of course, MacTech. See above. If you have a subscription, you might have noticed this already—my last article ran in August, I think. But plenty of other fine folks will who are worth listening to and who are good company. Some of the games below are available on multiple platforms, but all of the links are to the iOS App Store. This means you can write a better bug report, which will help Apple fix it more quickly meaning you may get the fix more quickly.

    You may find that it is not a bug in the API at all, but that you were misusing it. In this case, you may be able to use the API after all, saving you the time you would have spent hacking around a non-bug. This also saves them the time they would have spent triaging and eventually responding to a non-bug.

    If your misunderstanding was borne out of poor documentation misleading, inaccurate, vague, incomplete , you can file a bug report about that instead.

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    Then the documentation gets better and future users of the same API avoid making the same error you did. I need to 1 ask the UIApplication class for the application object, 2 ask that for its delegate, and 3 ask that for the wizard. Assume here that wizard is a property, not a factory method that creates Wizards on the fly. None of these is any less global. If I can get to it from anywhere in the program without knowing about it directly, it is global.

    The red arrows in the problem graph show where you violate the Law of Demeter.

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    Note that each of your controllers should own—or, if you prefer, hire —a Wizard all to itself. This eliminates contention between objects and reduces the likelihood of contention between threads assuming each of the owning objects is supposed to only work on a single thread and not juggle multiple threads. If contention is not a problem and you have a good reason why there should be only one Wizard, such as memory pressure or union regulations, then use a singleton.

    But use a real singleton , and only when necessary, and beware of singletons in disguise. Today, I have updated it and given it a web page. Just please be sure to print both sides, since my credit link is on the back.

    Toast Titanium 11 And Cd Spin Doctor On Mac Os ! - Toast 11 - Roxio Community

    The filter sucks. Read on. And yes, I know about site:developer. Again, read on. First, you must use Google Chrome or OmniWeb. Notice how the results page gives you both guides and references at once, even giving specific-chapter links when relevant. No wild goose chases, no PDF mines, no third-party old backup copies, no having to scroll past six hits of mailing-list threads and Stack Overflow questions. You get the docs, the right docs, and nothing but the docs. The iPhone App Store today is more open and more free than it originally was. It will never be a completely free, do-as-thou-wilt market like the Mac market still is, and I have no hope that Apple will ever make the iPhone App Store optional like the Mac App Store will be.

    I see no way that the App Stores can ever be more free without losing that curation factor. Cold, hard reality is that I want to work for Apple, and they will not hire a person that has a page on their website decrying their policies. The Graveyard is implemented as a couple of plain-text hand-edited databases and a Python script that converts them to the web page as a static HTML file and Atom feed as a static XML file. This is how the Graveyard stayed up in the face of being Fireballed , Macworlded , etc. If you want to take over the Graveyard, email me.

    You may also be interested in the Application Submission Feedback site. From the manpage :. These are analogous to memset , except that they fill memory with a replicated pattern either 4, 8, or 16 bytes long. As noted in the manpage, these functions require Mac OS X Nik Fletcher writes :. Imagine, for example, a moviemaker recording a movie on their iPhone 4, editing it in iMovie on their iPhone 4, and uploading it to iTunes from their iPhone 4.

    Contrary to my expectation, it does not use user-agent sniffing to detect an iPad. The code has a debugging feature, which they left in and you can for now enable to use the iPad display mode in your WebKit-based browser. There are actually two interfaces, corresponding to the two orientations of a physical iPad. The page chooses one or the other by the aspect ratio of the window. This gives wrong results more of the time than I like. I suggest you do the same. If this sounds good to you, register for the conference.

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