How to change new tab page firefox mac

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How to Change My Default Startup Page in Firefox

I've noticed that some sponsored recommendations load a different URL first before going to the content. What's happening? Some sponsored content will link to DoubleClick first before taking you to the article or landing page. This allows a sponsor to verify that the number of clicks on their story are accurately reported.

1. Add a Background Image to Firefox 57’s New Tab

Some browser extensions might pause the page from loading to make you aware that this is happening. If you would still like to visit the page, you can typically click through or temporarily disable blocking this type of link.

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Pocket and Firefox collect technical and usage data by default, but you can turn this off at any time. To learn more about what data Mozilla receives and how it's used, see Mozilla's Firefox Privacy Notice. You can also browse by topic and search by keyword. Add a Top Site Hover the mouse pointer anywhere within the Top Sites section of tiles and click on the three-dot menu that appears in the upper right corner. Click Add Top Site.

Customize Your Top Sites

Type in a title and URL for the site, then click Add. A tile with the first letter from the title will appear in your Top Sites. Rearrange Top Sites Click and hold on a tile and drag it to another spot. Choose from the following options: Show More adds another row of top sites Show Fewer removes a row of top sites.

Add lets you add a specific site to your top sites by entering a link and a name for the site. Sites you add will automatically be pinned.

Change the Firefox new tab page to a blank page or URL

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  3. Change the Firefox new tab page to a blank page or URL.
  4. In the search field, type " newtab " one word, no quotes , and find the entry called " browser. It controls whether your most visited sites thumbnails appear on the new tab page. Double-click on that entry to change the value to false , and you're done.

    How to Change your New Tab Homepage with Mozilla Firefox

    Let's now set the new tab page to one of your homepages : I'll assume that you already know how to install an extension.