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With the new Paragraph Layout tool, you can drag and drop your paragraph layouts on a per-paragraph basis to make the document look exactly how you need it to look.

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There is also an abundance of what Kingsoft calls Materials lines, connectors, shapes, arrows, images, buttons, etc. This is one feature that really makes Kingsoft Office stand out. Kingsoft Writer creates an initial backup upon first save. You also set up the frequency of autosaves, which works in conjunction with the backup management.

Backup management works very much like the OpenOffice crash recovery, only you have access to the tool even when a crash has not occurred. Unlike the other office suites, Kingsoft makes it simple to work with multiple windows by taking a page from the world of web browsers. Every time you open a new document either within Writer, Spreadsheets, or Presentations , it will open as a new tab within the main window.

This makes it incredibly simple to switch back and forth between documents and doesn't clutter your desktop. You can even have the documents open side by side, top to bottom, or cascaded. Kingsoft Office offers two skins: With the paid version, you can quickly switch back and forth between UIs, which means no matter what type of interface you or your users prefer, you can have it. I have actually found the Ribbon-like interface to be the best.

It's like the Microsoft Ribbon interface on steroids. You have faster access to features and tools than you do in the Microsoft version. Kingsoft Office not only has a desktop version for Windows and Linux, but also for Android and should have a full version for IOS as well currently it offers only the Presentation software.

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Without a doubt, Kingsoft Office is the king of Android office suites. Furthermore, it has a built-in PDF converter which allows you to convert all Kingsoft files into PDF files; and an automatic spell check function to proofread your assignments to ensure accuracy; the multiple tabs interface can avoid the hassles caused by having to switch between multiple document windows.

The best part is it provides all the functions above in a relatively small install package of only 40 MB. This is just one-tenth the size of Microsoft Office. Kingsoft Office can meet all your office requirements without taking up space on your hard drive and the fact that it is free, and save you having to spend large amounts of money. Thus it can be seen as a free version of Microsoft Office. Kingsoft Office Suite Free v8.

Homepage User Manual. What's new in this version: Support comparing two document windows side-by-side New: Support adding watermark to documents New: The main reason to use Google Docs? Not ideal, but better than nothing.

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It also has support for advanced speech-to-text voice typing. The only downside is that it relies on iCloud for storage, which is one of the least popular cloud storage solutions. My favorite thing about Zoho Office is its interface. It just feels good.

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Zoho Office is best for small teams, with interesting features like real-time chatting on documents, collaborative editing, digital signatures, quick document sharing, and more. One of the cooler niche features in Zoho Writer in particular is the ability to post documents straight to WordPress, making it an effective blog writing tool.

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It really delivers on its product slogan: The interface is also clean and professional, which is great if you hate the bloat of Microsoft Office, the slow performance of WPS Office, or the frank ugliness of LibreOffice. Note that OnlyOffice comes in a cloud version—not just the option to access OnlyOffice on the web, but the ability to host OnlyOffice on your own server and provide private access to those on premises. OnlyOffice Desktop Free Download: SoftMaker Office earned its reputation for Microsoft Office compatibility, being the first alternative office suite that could losslessly read and write Microsoft Office formats.

For you, this means you can directly open and edit Microsoft Office files without worry. The interface is nice too.

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SoftMaker respects user choice, allowing you to pick between a classic look with toolbars and menus or a modern look with a Microsoft-like ribbon. And either way, SoftMaker Office is a joy to use: Try FreeOffice Microsoft Office is the most advanced office suite on the planet. But why fork over cash when you can use a free alternative that still offers all you need? FreeOffice could be right for