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Ladies and Gentlemen, we would like to proudly announce that Shazam for PC is now available after a long wait! Often it is either someone asked you or you asked somebody. In order to solve this problem, Shazam was founded. Shazam is an app to identify a music being played. In other words, Shazam answer your question by telling you the name of a song as well as the singer and lyrics.

Shazam has been in the market for a certain period and reportedly more than 50 million people are using it today. Thanks to the developers, it is now available on PC unofficially Non Windows 8. For those who have been searching for a way to download and install Shazam for PC, you may follow the step by step guide below.

SoundHound for iPhone and iPad | Macworld

Although the steps are a little bit complicated and tricky, do it slowly and you will sure get it installed on your PC. The process to download Shazam is very straightforward if you are installing it on a personal computer or tablet that runs Windows 8. It is absolutely free to download. You can then install Shazam within a minute from your PC. Step 1: First of all, download an Andriod emulator and install it to your PC.

The choice is yours as all of them are available free online. BlueStacks is highly recommended as it works very well on Windows and Mac platform. It is easy to be installed and the installation process is very simple. Step 2: Launch BlueStacks and you will see a very long search box in front of you.

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Ignore all the other icons because this is your first time using BlueStacks. Go for the free version and click on it to install it.

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Step 4: All it takes is less than a minute to install a free Shazam version. It may take a minute longer if your internet speed is slow. What now? Launch Shazam and use it on your PC! Firstly, download a Shazam APK file from other computer or laptop that is able to connect to the internet. The above methods are three easiest way to get Shazam for PC.

Please use the comment box below to leave a question if you have any otherwise leave a comment if you have a better way to download Shazam to a PC. How Does Shazam Work? When one of the interviewers pops the question during a global mobile community meeting held in Tokyo last week, a brawl were created among developers. How does Shazam recognize a song from a tenth of a second to less than a minute? Apparently, this is something amazing and unbelievable although we are living in technological era.

SoundHound for Mac – Free Download (MacBook Pro, Air / iMac)

Imagine that you are now sitting in a car with a few friends on your way to a party. The car radio is playing a nice song and one of your friends is asking for the name of the song. No one knows the song name and you usually forget the rhythm of the song afterwards. Back in the old days, the chances for us to recognize a song are very low.

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Just when you thought you knew the name of a song, you could be wrong! But today, this UK-founded Shazam could definitely help you. Shazam is a music-related app that is capable of identifying any kind of music. This app takes a few clicks and a few seconds to recognize a song that you put through the microphone of your mobile phone or tablets. After rolling in the market for more than 10 years, Shazam app is frequently rated as the most valuable app of the decade.

SoundHound update lets users share songs to Instagram Stories, including previously saved songs. Michael Potuck - Apr.

Music discovery app SoundHound now has support for sharing songs to Instagram Stories. Read on for how to use the new feature. SoundHound Stories May 11, Zac Hall. Android Version 8. SoundHound Infinity. Find songs and artists by recording, singing, speaking, humming, or typing into your Android phone. Android Version 5. Android Version 2. Results 1 - 9 of 9.